Below is a list of all artists that will be or have been performing in our concerts this season. Please select from the categories on the right to display only artists in that category, for example soloists.

Artist name and part Concert(s)
Michelle Jarman - soprano Durufle Requiem
Adrian Bawtree - organ Durufle Requiem
John Walker - piano Family Christmas Concert
Alan Vincent - conductor Bruckner Mass in E
Family Christmas Concert
Vaughan Williams Concert
Douglas Bowen - baritone Durufle Requiem
Christian Halstead - violin Vaughan Williams Concert
Simon Thorpe - baritone Vaughan Williams Concert
Jacquelyn Fugelle - soprano Vaughan Williams Concert
Paul Smy - tenor Durufle Requiem
Douglas Rice-Bowen - baritone Durufle Requiem
Tabitha Reynolds - mezzo-soprano Durufle Requiem
Kent Sinfonia Bruckner Mass in E
Vaughan Williams Concert